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boat deck looks like wood

What Finish for Wood on Boat | Boat Design Net

It wont give you a glossy look. It will give you a smooth brownish red like smooth coat which shows all the grain. My transom and rear doors it has held up facing the morning sun for 3 year and is still looking good. I spilled some on a small area of the teak deck and left it for a test and it still is on the wood.

Waterlox Marine Finishes seal finish and protect wood ...

From wooden gates and patio furniture to window moldings, wooden boats and bright work, Waterlox Marine Finishes protect wood from exposure to UV rays, harsh weather conditions and moisture while preserving wood's gorgeous, detailed appearance.

Boat Deck Alternatives - BoatUS Magazine

Boat Deck Alternatives Go For Faux ... Teak, That Is. ... and then bound by a border, if you like, to finish the look. You can do this yourself, but it's far easier to have these panels built by an expert at the factory. All you need to provide is a template. ... it's important to carefully tend to your wood's surface. Boat Varnish.

Wooden Boat Decks - DIY Wood Boat

This imitation stuff is really aimed at plastic boat owners who want to pretend that they have a proper wooden boat. Put it on your wooden boat along side some real wood and it will look like what it is, plastic floor covering, and expensive floor covering at that.

Painting fiberglass to look like teak | Microskiff ...

Painting fiberglass to look like teak Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by TomFL, Dec 5, 2011. Dec 5, 2011 #1 ... I know I saw some pics while internet surfing about painting 'glass to look like teak. Lighter, no maintenance, etc. ... There are also some synthetic teak deck materials that can be glued on.

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