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how to treat teak wood on boat

How To Treat Teak Wood On A Boat - Boat Life

natural wood fibers and enhance the overall protective quality of the sealer. We recommend letting your teak dry out for at least 24 hours before applying your teak sealer. Closing Thoughts. Taking care of your teak isn’t just good for how your boat looks. It will help you spend less when it comes to boat maintenance in the long run.

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Part two is an acid that neutralizes the caustic in part one, and it usually has some additional cleaning properties. Paint a sufficient amount of part two onto the teak to get a uniform color change, then scrub lightly. Flush away all traces of the cleaner and let the wood dry. Oil. Oiling teak on boats is a time-honored tradition.

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1. Wet the teak down; 2. Apply part one (the caustic), spreading and lightly scrubbing with a bristle brush; 3. When the surface is a uniform wet, muddy brown, apply the second part (the acid), spreading with a clean bristle brush; 4. Apply and spread enough of the acid to turn the teak a uniform tan; 5. Rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry completely.

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Paint on several coats of the oil of your choice, carefully wiping up excess oil. Your wood is sufficiently saturated with oil when there are no shiny spots on the wood and it appears to have a matte finish. Step 3 - Seal the Oiled Teak for Added Protection. If desired, protect your newly oiled teak with a sealer.

How to Clean, Restore, and Seal Teak Wood on Your Boat

The teak will tum dark brown and the cleaning pad will fill with dirt. 4. Apply to one area at a time then immediately rinse down entire area with water to remove the cleaner. Repeat if necessary. Step 2. (Part 2) Using JustTeak Teak Brightener on Your Teak Deck. JustTeak Teak Brightener is the answer to dull, gray teak. Specifically designed to floor light beautiful look of new teaks.

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Scrap the wood floor with the paint scraper. Use the wire bristled side of the scraper to remove all the old varnish. Apply more varnish remover as need on any areas on the teak flooring that has a thick coat of varnish on it.

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